It’s been over a month since we emigrated from the UK to this lovely Canadian city, here’s a few things we’re liking about the place.

  • The people, positively the most friendliest bunch we’ve met. You’ll be in a shop or waiting somewhere and suddenly someone will start chatting to you, big difference to London where everyone’s a bit cagey. If a bus driver sees you rushing to catch up he’ll actually wait for you at the next stop, where does this happen in the UK?
  • Milk Bags, google it.
  • Bank Cards, unlike the UK do not emboss your name on them for tighter security plus the ATM machines are a bit smarter with favourite withdrawal amounts and a welcome name you can give it.
  • Online Banking, majorly different. You can do the same as normal but can also transfer money via Interac payments by supplying an email address (kinda like paypal).
  • NetFlix, at $7.99 a month I can’t complain. Ok the choice is limited in some areas and they don’t update the collection too regularly but they do have a big selection there and it works great on the iPad.
  • Bloor Street Fitness, our local gym. Great classes, not over subscribed (you can actually get to use the equipment unlike Fitness First) and it’s open 24/7; plus it’s $24.99 a month (cheaper than FF).
  • Meetups, more of them and a stronger tech community plus the startup culture here is massive with LeanCoffee’s twice a week & loads of other events on the go.
  • Independent Stores, you’ll find the usual chain stores but you’ll also notice a lot more independent ones offering novel goods and really great coffee.
  • Sports. I’ve never been a fan of football opting for more contact sports like Hockey, thankfully it’s abundant here and everyone gets into the game; watching the Stanley Cup final was just awesome.
  • Cinema. Ok the prices may be going up but at least you’re not charging £9 ($14) per ticket plus you’ve got Toonies Tuesdays ($5 a ticket) and it’s a much nicer atmosphere.
  • Independent Cinemas. Loving them, they’re privately run and screen some really interesting flicks plus you’ve got the Trash Palace that screens some great B-movies.
  • High Park, one word “massive”. Gorgeous to walk thru and a great place to while away a Sunday afternoon.
  • The Islands (see above)
  • Transport. You can get around quickly with the Tube or opt for overground services via Tram or Bus, payable with Tokens or unlimited via the MetroPass ($120 a month), certainly beats the Oyster Cards. 
  • Food. Canada’s well-known for it’s beef and we can’t complain, you really win on quality.
  • Fitness. Over here there’s a definite air to keeping healthy with running groups, cycling and loads of health food stores, great culture to pickup.
  • And loads more…

That said we haven’t experienced winter yet but being a big kid I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure.


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